The EPA is calling for public comment on its regulations—the ones affecting the quality of our air and water, and efforts to mitigate climate change. The public comment period ends May 15.  Along with marching next Saturday, we need to attend or call in to one of the public comment sessions that the EPA is holding and offer our comments.  All the information is here:


Support District 7 Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings (D) at 202-225-4741 who was on the news on Tuesday as senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee that is asking the White House for documents about Michael Flynn.


April 29th  Washington, D. C.  People’s Climate March
            FocusOn Donald Trump’s 100th day, this march is to show resistance to attacks on our people, our climate, and our jobs.


The intention of #WednesdayWeWill is to provide one, simple, action you can take RIGHT NOW to preserve, strengthen, and grow the policies we believe in. Sometimes we will give more than one action, particularly if it’s to do with the same issue.  Be sure to post your action in the comments below as well as on social media, tagging #WednesdayWeWill, #TWWhcuc and @TWWhcuc. This holds you accountable and gives motivation to those who might be in need of some.  To see past #WednesdayWeWill actions, click on our tag #WednesdayWeWill in the right sidebar of this website.