HELP RAPE VICTIMS NOT BE VICTIMIZED A SECOND TIME!Maryland is one of six states where rapists have parental rights over children born as a result of their crime. If a rape victim has the baby and wants to put it up for adoption she must get her attacker’s permission. If she keeps the baby, she has to negotiate with him for custody and visitation.

Legislation to eliminate parental rights for rapists, the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, failed to pass the Maryland General Assembly this year—for the 9th time!

The main sticking point has been whether parental rights should be taken away from those convicted of rape as well as those accused of rape.

Bill sponsor Delegate Kathleen Dumais (D-Montgomery Co.) worked hard to allay concerns, crafting a bill supported by the Maryland State Bar Association, Catholic Conference and Planned Parenthood, among others.

House Bill (HB-428) targeted convicted rapists and perpetrators of incest. It excluded married couples. For accusation, a victim would need to provide clear and convincing evidence of rape to a judge in a civil trial. The alleged rapist would get legal counsel and nothing could be used against him in a criminal trial. (This is the accepted standard in most other states.)

Senate Bill (SB-574) got watered down considerably. It removed provisions for victims of incest, would’ve allowed victims and children to be publicly identified, and shortened the statute of limitations from seven years to three.

Despite differences, advocates managed to build consensus. But the bill was killed by a handful of MEN who made sure it wasn’t considered until the last second of the session. Members of the conference committee—ALL MALE—were not named until the very last day.

Delegate Joseph Vallario, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, slow walked the bill and appointed all men to the conference committee.

Senator Bobby Zirkin, Chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, did not appoint a conference committee until the last second and also appointed all men.

Senate President Senator Mike Miller delayed the bill in revenge for pet projects not moving.


-Contact House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller. Tell them you want a Special Session to pass the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act. Right now, the Maryland General Assembly is not set to meet again until 1/10/18.

-Contact the chairmen of the committees with jurisdiction, Joseph Vallario and Bobby Zirkin, to let them know you won’t tolerate further delays.

-Tweet Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate letting them know you favor a special session and want this bill passed.

Delegate Joseph Vallario (D-District 23B/Prince George’s County)
Annapolis Address: House Office Building, Room 101, 6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
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Senator Robert (Bobby) Zirkin (D-District 11/Baltimore County)
Annapolis Address: Miller Senate Office Building, 2 East Wing, 11 Bladen St., Annapolis MD 21401
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House Speaker Delegate Michael Busch (D-District 30A/Anne Arundel County)
Annapolis Address: State House, H-101, Annapolis, MD 21401–1991
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Fax Numbers: (410) 841-3880, (301) 858-3880
Twitter Address: Tweet to him @SpeakerBusch

Senate President Senator Thomas (Mike) Miller (D-District 27/Calvert, Charles and Prince George’s Counties)
Annapolis Address: State House, H-107, Annapolis, MD 21401–1991
Phone Numbers: (410) 841-3700, (301) 858-3700
Tollfree Phone Number: 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3700
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