Charitable Resources

There are many resources not listed here that are still being researched and identified. Our county is to be commended for having such an abundance of people and resources that we can make use of and depend on for so many various needs. These are listed in alphabetical order and there is also a list of national resources to be drawn from. If you notice any that have not been included, it was not due to particular stands or ideology. We just can’t get to all of them but wanted these to be available to you for now. The most pertinent for most of us would be:

Harford County Community Services Resource Guide

We recommend having one of these booklets on hand with our admins and also for each person to have one of these with which to seek out different organizations and personnel for when a need may arise. We have not included phone numbers or web sites but are working on them and will update as we can with a blurb as to their mission and their function.

Harford County Resources

  1. Anna’s House
  2. Ashley Outpatient Treatment Program
  3. Baltimore Abortion Fund
  4. Boys and Girls clubs of Harford County
  5. Concord Lighthouse Preservation and Promotion
  6. Esperanza Center (Balto City) (Immigrant Resources)
  7. Food Pantries (p 13 HCCSRG) all pantries listed In Harford County)
  8. Family and Children’s Services
  9. Good Cause- Non-profit, Havre de Grace-advocacy
  10. Habitat For Humanity
  11. Harford Chabad (synagogue)
  12. Harford County bar Association
  13. Harford County Action (Climate Change)
  14. Harford Family House (homeless shelter)
  15. org 410-638-3389
  16. Harford Office of Drug Control Policy
  17. Havre de Grace Green Team
  18. Havre de Grace Opera House
  19. Historical Society of Harford County
  20. Humane Society of Harford County
  21. Jobs Employment
  22. Lord of Life Food Pantry-Edgewood
  23. Lots of Love Food Pantry- Edgewood
  24. Mana House Methodist Church-clothes and food
  25. Moveable Feast
  26. Pathfinders for Autism Resource Center
  27. SARC- Sexual Abuse and Spousal Safety
  28. Steppingstone Farmhouse Museum
  29. Susquehanna Hose Company
  30. Susquehanna Museum at the Lockhouse
  31. Susquehanna Nat’l Wildlife Refuge
  32. Teacher Supply Swap
  33. Upper Chesapeake Health Foundation

No differentiation was made between a resource for the purpose of funding it and a resource for advocacy and donations. That would be up to the donor or the person seeking that resource for their own need. Not all are useful for desperate need. Many are just advocacy for a cause dear to you.

National Resources

  1. ACLU
  2. DAPL- American Indian, North Dakota
  3. League of Women Voters
  4. Marriage Equality Act
  5. NARAL- Pro Choice America
  6. National Park Services
  7. Net Finance Relief
  8. Planned Parenthood
  9. Sierra Club

We realize this is an incomplete list and one that is varied and at this point, does not have the phone contacts, the web addresses or their mission or goal. It is however, a starting point for discussion, donations and our own education. Please contact us on if there is one you would like to add that is not here and we will continue to research any posted to us. This is a living document and will grow and shrink as we make our own goals more visible and prominent to the whole.