Hello, friends!

In the afterglow of the Women’s March on Washington, a few of our members are sharing their thoughts and experiences of the day:

Ever since the election in November, I have taken solace in the company of like-minded, intelligent, caring, and progressive women, who joined forces thanks to the national phenomenon called Pantsuit Nation. We have since morphed into Together We Will, and through this group we started planning our trip to the Women’s March on Washington.


As a mother of daughters I was determined to attend. When we discussed the March at the dinner table, both my daughters and my husband immediately spoke up and wanted to join. We made plans to attend as a family, and we are so glad we did. Seeing the vast crowds with our own eyes was balm for our weary souls. Aside from the sheer numbers, their well-spoken messages and overall admirable conduct were a sight to behold. I cherished each and every participant who attended to add their voice: every race, every socioeconomic status, every religion, every sex, every age, and even every political party. Every idea was welcome, and the overriding tone of the event was one of acceptance and love.


Partaking in this monumental event as a family will be an experience we will never forget. While we went to lend our voices to an important cause, we returned home with a rejuvenated spirit and above all, hope. Hope that even though our incredible country has been derailed by a group of misguided conservatives, true humanity will rise to the top and we, as the genuine core of this nation, will prevail.


–E.M., Member of TWW HCUC