Truthfulness Pledge

We all want to be informed about policy and actions being taken that will affect us, but we want to make sure that the information we are sharing is truthful and from reliable sources.  WE MUST DEMAND TRUTH from the media and we must not feed the post-truth machine ourselves. Please confirm the accuracy and truthfulness of your content and posts before sharing them.  To assist, we have linked to some pages to help you gauge the accuracy of your articles. The administrators reserve the right to remove any content or posts that are deemed unreliable or inaccurate.

Moderating Guidelines

Together We Will Harford County/Upper Chesapeake embraces positivity and mutual support between its members.  Meetings and all extensions of this group should be civil and respectful of other members both in person and online.  We have overlapping personal goals, but there will also be differences.  We want to foster positive dialog which includes hearing hard truths about our own unrecognized and subconscious hurtful speech and actions.  This election has taught us that WE ALL have much to learn. We want to be diverse, inclusive and a safe space across axes of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, religion, and other marginalized groups.

Social Media

  • We will limit redundancy in posting.
  • No posting of memes.
  • Negative threads.  Every attempt will be made to turn a negative situation into a positive/constructive action.  If that fails we may close the thread or delete it.
  • Trolls or those who are not actual supporters of our group will be blocked.
  • Posts will be reviewed by the admins for accuracy and veracity and may be deleted.  Please exercise personal responsibility and do not post unless you have verified first—see Truthfulness Pledge above.
  • Any posts which promote businesses or products will be removed, or asked to be removed and this includes Charitable Requests for financial donation, i.e. GoFundMe’s. General support for charitable efforts are welcome, but specific links to pages asking for financial support or support of good and services should not be posted.
  • Don’t identify members/comments publicly unless you have their permission.
  • There will be dead zones during the day for administrators, so requests to join or to post may not be reviewed immediately.